WD-34 / WD-34.2 variants

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4-way switch decoders (magnetic article decoders)

Available as

WD-34 kit
WD-34.2 Ready-made block
WD-34.2 Ready-to-use device

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  • WD-34 kit
  • WD-34.2 ready to use kit
  • WD-34.2 ready to use

More info

4-way switch decoders (magnetic article decoders)

  • for the control of 4 switches or 8 other magnetic articles
  • with adjustable on-time


  • Switches with double coil drive
  • Form signals with double coil drive
  • Decoupler


  • WD-34: Kit (for self-soldering)
  • WD-34.2: Prefabricated building block (built-up and tested circuit)
  • WD-34.2: Ready-to-use device (ready-to-use device in the housing)

Digital protocols

  • DCC + MM: yes (automatic form detection). The four outputs can be mixed both via DCC and Motorola commands as well as alternating in DCC and Motorola format.
  • mfx: no
  • Selectrix: no

Address ranges

(Pref. building block)
 (Ready to use)
DCC switch addresses
1 - 2.040
1 - 2.040
1 - 2.040
DCC locomotive addresses
1 - 510
1 - 510
MM switch addresses
1 - 1.020
1 - 1.020
1 - 1.020

Feedback protocols

  • RailCom: yes
  • RailCom plus: no
  • mfx: no

Data bus

  • none


DCC Central: Setting of all decoder properties via configuration variables (CVs)

  • Motorola Central: Setting the decoder address with a programming jumper (WD-34) or programming button (WD-34.2). The change of the other decoder properties is not necessary for the pure Motorola operation and is not possible with Motorola control panels.

Control with DCC or MM switch commands

  • DCC or MM softkey commands
  • automatic form recognition
  • Outputs can be mixed via DCC and Motorola commands
  • Outputs can be controlled in alternating DCC and Motorola format

new in version WD-34.2: alternative control with DCC locomotive commands

  • as an alternative to the drive with soft positioning commands (for example, when using DCC digital controllers which do not send switch commands)
  • Switching the 4 outputs of the WD-34.2 via the functions F1 to F4
  • not possible with the WD-34 (version kit)

Switching outputs

  • Amount: 4 x 2
  • Max. Current per output: 1,500 mA (up to 2 s) or 1,000 mA (duration)
  • Max. Total current: 1,500 mA
  • integrated relay: no

new in version WD-34.2: Confirmation of a false switch position

  • After the set switching time ("On-time") has elapsed, the WD-34.2 compares whether the actual position of a switch with the limit switch corresponds to the position that it would have according to the digital command.
  • If this is not the case, the fault can be indicated on an external LED (LED not included in the scope of delivery). Possible error causes:
  • mechanical problems
  • Soft adjustment by hand
  • Indication of the wrong switch over the flashing sequence of the LED.

Overload protection

  • none

Supply voltage

  • Digital voltage from the booster circuit
  • or its own transformer (to relieve the digital circuit)