Frog polarization and variants

New product

Electronic module for frog polarization

available as
simple (1 frog)
double (2 frogs)
sixfold (6 frogs)

More details

Delivery time approx. 10 days

Product customization

14,92 €

  • single
  • double
  • sixfold

More info

The connection is very simple.
The electronics detects short-circuits in the frog area and poles so quickly that neither decoder nor central station will notice it.
No mechanical components are used.

The design in duplicate can also be used for switching a loop,
the sixfold version can also be used for the changeover of three sweeping loops or a track triangle with three short sections.
Likewise a mixing operation with frogs and sweeping loops (2 frogs and 2 sweeping loops, or 4 frogs and 1 sweeping loop) are possible in the execution sixfold.