MX645 and variants

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MX645 and variants

Standard delivery with "European Steam / Diesel Collection".
Charging codes and different sounds can be ordered with an extra charge.
In this case, only the load code can be ordered, or the load code and the desired sound can be shared.
Arnold Hübsch's APS projects can also be ordered.
To do so, please select the "Load code" and "Desired sound" options and fill in the text field.

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Product customization

86,67 €

  • MX645 (13 wires)
  • MX645R (NEM652, 8-polig)
  • MX645F (NEM651, Kabel)
  • MX645P16 (NEM658, PluX16)
  • MX645P22 (NEM658, PluX22)
  • none (free und preloaded)
  • for sounds from Artol
  • for sounds from Georg Breuer
  • for sounds from Heinz Däppen
  • for sounds from Carlos Núñez Deza
  • for sounds from Matthias Henning
  • for sounds from Alexander Mayer
  • for sounds from Gabriel Mészáros
  • for sounds from René Skov
  • European steam/diesel collection
  • free desired sound according to ZIMO-homepage
  • coded desired sound according to ZIMO-Homepage
  • preloaded APS desired sound (Arnold Hübsch) according to ZIMO-homepage or AMW-homepage

More info

Sound decoder with energy storage connector
30 x 15 x 4 mm
1,2 A
3 W audio
10 function outputs (4 with wires, 6 on solder pads)
2 servo control cables
fully equipped with all ZIMO features: DCC and MM, SUSI, RailCom, NMRA and ZIMO function mapping
and much more

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