MX633 and variants

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MX633 and variants

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38,33 €

  • MX635 (11 Drähte)
  • MX635R (8-polig, NEM 652)
  • MX635V (11 Drähte, einstellbare Niederspannung)
  • MX635P16 (NEM, PluX16)
  • MX635P22 (NEM658, PluX22)
  • MX635VP (NEM658, PluX22, einstellbare Niederspannung)

More info

H0 decoder with energy storage interface
(also Goldcap modules from 7 Goldcaps as energy storage)
22 x 15 x 3,5 mm
1,2 A
10 Ffunctional outputs
fully equipped with all ZIMO features: DCC and MM, 2 servo control lines, SUSI, RailCom, NMRA and ZIMO function mapping
and much more