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MX821S with 8 servo connections
MX821V with 8 servo connections, 16 inputs and 16 outputs for relays and / or lamps

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- 8 complete servo connections, in each case 3-pole (5V or 6V supply, ground, control cable)
- supply directly from the rail (energy and DCC data) and / or from an auxiliary supply (so that switching is possible even after a short circuit); RailCom for position feedback and CV reading.


Like MX821S, but additionally:
- 16 inputs for possible forced switching contacts (with which in each case a switch can be moved from the rail or from a switch to the desired position.
- 16 open-collector outputs per 100 mA, different configurable, for connecting relays to the heart-piece polarization, or for any signals which are controlled via specially defined additional or object addresses. For this, the logic is the same as the "light outputs" of the accessory decoder MX820.