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MX9V track section module full version


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MX9V track section module 
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On an MX9V, 16 unilaterally insulated track sections (each 2 forming a "main section") are connected; the track segment modules are responsible for overshooting safety measures, ie, in addition to occupancy detection, especially for the ZIMO features "signal-dependent train influencing", "location-dependent function influencing" and "position coding" as well as for train number recognition.
Occupancy detection and signaling for the 16 connected track sections:
Vehicles with power consumption at the track section are detected,
Retentive current of a decoder and car with resistance axes sufficient,
Local display of occupancy status by 16 LEDs on the module itself,
External indicator on connectable lamps (LEDs) or on the computer.
"Signal - dependent train control", independent for each of the
8 main sections (one main section consists of 2 track sections each):
Stop the trains in front of the red signal (in "holding sections") without affecting lighting and functions, under control of a higher-level unit (basic device in the case of system-autonomous sequences, or computer with corresponding software, eg: STP),
Signal-dependent speed limitation in 5 steps for pre-braking or for slow travel distances, under control
Full controllability of all functions even during standstill or slow travel distances,
Vehicle-specific lifting of the train control using the MAN button.
"Location-dependent function control":
The connected track sections can be loaded with information on the activation of functions in the vehicles (defined by CVs in the MX9), with the technical means of "signal-dependent train control",
The selected outputs of ZIMO decoders switch automatically on the relevant track sections; currently only available in the ZIMO function decoder, later (2007) also planned for other decoders (locomotive decoders).
"and", "or" or "not-and" - link with individual control.
Train ID:
Evaluation of the train numbers (= acknowledgment) impulses of ZIMO decoders, from which the vehicles currently located in the track section are determined.
Display the train numbers on connected MX9ZIA display modules or on the computer
(Software "STP").
Technical specifications:
Rail voltage 12 - 24 V
Occupancy threshold 13 - 25 K (voltage-dependent)
Maximum output current Single output 2 - 4 A
Maximum output current 5 A
Dimensions 172 x 112 x 40 mm