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Decoder test and connection board

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MXTAPV with connections for railway decoders
MXTAPS without connections for large-scale decoders

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The ZIMO decoder test and connection boards are simultaneously test stands and docking stations for decoders during software updates and sound loading; they are preferably used together with the decoder update and sound charging devices MXULFA, but also with ZIMO basic devices, especially MX10, but also with older ZIMO digital systems and also with external systems.

The basic features of the ZIMO "test and connection boards" are:

- Supports the mating connectors for all interfaces currently used (starting in mid-2015) with ZIMO decoders, d.s. PluX12, -16, 22, Next18, MTC21, NEM651, NEM652 (all NMRA and VHDM standardized), as well as the MX696, MX697, MX699 long distance interfaces (ZIMO proprietary devices), as well as terminals for wired decoders,

- Two versions: MXTAPS with the standard interfaces for small traces, MXTAPV additional interfaces for ZIMO large-track decoders.

- Connect to the MXULF or ZIMO base unit or other digital central units via the double terminal "RAIL", and if necessary (if sound loading is to be made via SUSI) via "SUSI" cable.

- To test the decoders are available on the circuit board: DC motor, loudspeakers (1 Watt), various LEDs for function outputs and fan outputs (main tracks), servo connections (main tracks), as well as wire connections to external loads.

The new (black) version is extended in the following points:

- 12 (instead of 8) terminals for wired decoders, - on / off switch (to make it easier not to plug the decoder "under power", - 3 buttons for testing the inputs of the decoders (eg replacement for an axle detector) , - switching jumper for "normal" / logic level "function outputs with decoders with the MTC interface (MX634D, -C, MX644D, -C) - additional terminals for external motors and loudspeakers: practically when loudspeakers are to be tested, various additional control LEDs, eg SUSI pins, low voltage, energy storage connection.

With MXTAPS or MXTAPV, third-party products (ie decoders from other manufacturers) can also be processed and, above all, tested. For the software update and sound loading, of course, the appropriate programming device of the respective manufacturer must be used. During the test operation mixed ZIMO and other products can be used.