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MX8S magnetic article module


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MX8 module for magnetic articles (16 switches or signals)

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Magnetic article modules (in contrast to magnetic article receivers, switch decoders, etc.) are controlled via the CAN bus and also use this for the feedback information. Thus, they are operated independently of power failures (short circuits, etc.) on the rail system, can be operated with a (lower or higher) soft voltage different from the rail, and do not load the digital circuit either in terms of power consumption or data transmission in either direction ,
Light signals can be operated with slowly slowing the lamps on and off (timing can be defined via CVs). Furthermore, the MX8S or MX8M offers 14 auxiliary inputs, which enable a direct train-controlled (contact tracks, reed contacts, etc.) switching of points (assignable by CV).
Technical specifications:
Primary supply 10 - 18 V
Paid functions / individual functions 16/32
Maximum output current 1 A duration, 3 A peak
Pulse duration 0.1 - 25 seconds
Dimensions 172 x 112 x 40 mm