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SwitchPilot Servo V2.0

20601 (ESU 51822)

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SwitchPilot Servo V2.0

4-way Servodecoder
DCC/MM, RailCom

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The SwitchPilot Servo V2.0 is the specialist among the functional decoders. It has been specially developed for the control of up to four RC servo drives. The SwitchPilot Servo can control these drives so precisely that, in addition to the control of turnouts, any other slow movement sequences can be controlled.

Operating modes

The SwitchPilot Servo can be used under DCC and Motorola®. It is compatible with the DCC standard and is addressed with soft commands. Motor Switches 01 - 508 are possible in Motorola® operation. The operating mode is fully automatic.


The SwitchPilot Servo can either be supplied directly from the digital center or separately from a DC or AC voltage transformer. RC servos or the ESU servo drive can be directly connected to its four servo outputs. The required 5V voltage is generated by the SwitchPilot Servo. The two end positions can be individually set for each servo in addition to the control speed. This makes it possible to realize particularly model-oriented, slow turnout drives. You can also use the SwitchPilot Servo for your shape signals or rail transitions. Also the automatic opening of doors at the locomotive shed does not have to be a dream anymore. The SwitchPilot servo has built-in turn-on pulse suppression to eliminate the system-induced "twitching" of the RC servos when the supply voltage is applied. Furthermore, the power supply to the servo can be interrupted to prevent "hum" of some inexpensive servos


The SwitchPilot Servo can be programmed flexibly: it supports all DCC programming modes, including POM (main loop programming). Because RailCom® is also integrated, all current settings can be read and checked even during operation.
Alternatively, you can also use the comfortable three-button input unit: In addition to the address, you can enter the end positions of all four servos and the respective speed of rotation directly during operation and check them immediately.

Analog mode

The SwitchPilot Servo would not be an ESU product, if it did not offer more: the operation is also possible without a digital center! 8 pushbutton inputs are available, with which the servos can be switched using conventional pushbuttons. In other words, both the switching and the adjustment of the servo travel and speed can be done directly on the SwitchPilot servo without a digital center.

SwitchPilot Extension

In addition to the servo outputs, do you need additional relay outputs because, for example, you want to polarize the heart or switch off the track voltage in the signal section? Then you should expand your SwitchPilot Servo with the SwitchPilot Extension Relay Module: one of its four double relays is connected in parallel to the servo and can be used for potential-free switching of loads - ideal for tricky switching tasks!


As with our locomotives, the SwitchPilot Servo also has a great deal of emphasis on the most important indestructibility. This allows you to rely on the quality of ESU dealing with switch decoders.

Future built in

The internal software of the SwitchPilot Servo V2.0 can be replaced at any time with the help of the ESU LokProgrammer by new, more up-to-date. This keeps you up-to-date with standard changes and benefits from new functions.

Technical facts

Operation modes:NMRA / DCC "Accessory Decoder" compatible. Motorola® with up to 127 addresses. K83 compatible. Supply through the digital central or separate DC or AC voltage transformer up to 18V AC.
Servoa outputs:4 servo outputs for RC servos (Graupner® JR® or Futaba® compatible), 1.0ms to 2.0mS pulse duration, positive. Rotation speed and end positions can be adjusted separately.
RailCom:RailCom Confirmation for reading the values on the main track.
Input:Programming either directly to the control panel via DCC or via input unit consisting of three buttons and LED monitor (5 LEDs) for direct input of the address as well as the two end positions and the speed of rotation of all 4 servos.
Update:Firmware updateable with ESU LokProgrammer
Dimensions:86mm x 86mm x 25mm
Package content:SwitchPilot 51820, detailed manual