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DR4024 servo decoder with 4 separate switching outputs


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Servodecoder for 4 servos
with additional separate switching outputs; for example for heart piece polarization


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The DR4024 decoder is a fully programmable servo decoder.
Each output also has an additional switching output, e.g. a light or a decoupling track.
The additional switching outputs can be switched simultaneously with the servos or independently.
Each output can also be calibrated using software. This makes the setting of servos much easier, since they are only adjusted after assembly.

The DR4024 decoder is the first servo decoder that operates on the basis of function mapping.
The decoder recognizes the "switching addresses" as control functions of the various outputs.
The decoder can use one to eight "switching addresses".


4 servo outputs
4 switching outputs
Power indicator
activities Gazette
Mass simulation (e.g., for semaphores)
Servo calibration from the control center
Detailed function mapping
Multiprotocol (DCC / MM)
Completely CS2 compatible
POM (programming during operation)
Separate current and signal inputs

Technical characteristics

Power consumption: 15mA
Maximum servo loading: 500mA per servo output (2 amps total)
Maximum switching load: 1 amp per output (total 3 amperes)