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SwitchPilot Extension

20602 (ESU 51801)

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SwitchPilot Extension

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The SwitchPilot can be supplemented by the SwitchPilot Extension module if required: On the side, the SwitchPilot offers 4 relay outputs for switching potential-free loads or for heart-piece polarization.

Operating modes

The SwitchPilot Extension Module works only in conjunction with a SwitchPilot. On the side it is powered directly by the SwitchPilot. It contains a total of 4 double relays (2 x UM), each of which is assigned to a transistor output pair of the SwitchPilot. The position of the respective relay depends directly on the switching state of this output pair.

With the aid of the relay, either loads can be switched separately from the rest of the rail circuit (function analogous to k84) or a motorized switch drive can be reversed.

Since each relay can be loaded with a continuous current of up to 1.5A, it is not only possible to polarize switch points, but also to supply block voltages with voltage or to pump motorized drives such as (water).

Particularly tricky is the possibility to actuate motorized turnout drives: The SwitchPilot Extension module is, of course, also able to control the motor polarity required for this purpose.

Technical facts

Operating modes:        Additional module for SwitchPilot, is supplied by it. Relay outputs are controlled by SwitchPilot.

4 relay outputs 1x UM with screw terminals for potential-free switching or core polarization.

Each relay output can alternatively be used as a reversing switch for motorized switches.

Dimensions:95mm x 85mm x 22mm (standard case)
Package includes:SwitchPilot Extension Module, detailed manual